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What started as a hobby quickly became a passion. From that passion, we learned golf cannot be won; golf is simply played. You can get bad breaks from good shots; you can get good breaks from bad shots. In a game that humbles the best of us, remember that 18-foot putt for birdie, that 300 yard drive, that chip to win for bragging rights.

Our Mission

Alfa Golf Company’s mission is to expand access to the sport of golf for children of all income levels by directly supporting successful youth golf programs and High Schools. The goal is to provide youth with the opportunity to learn the sport, receive lessons and equipment, practice, compete, and build positive life skills.

About Alfa Golf Co

Our Team


Meysam Salehi

I was born in Iran, and immigrated to Germany at the age of 3, and then to the US at 6. Having faced the harsh realities of the immigrant family, although I loved sports, we didn’t always have the means for them. I Graduated Rio Americano H.S in 2001. I have made a very successful career in the auto industry for over 15 years. It was there that I got introduced to the sport of golf. I fell In love with golf the very first time I was out on the course. I am blessed to be in an industry that allows me to take care of my family. My wife and I have been married for 6 years, and proud parents to 2 lovely girls. I thrive in every aspect of life( and golf) challenging myself for constant improvement. Some days are full of adversity, and others triumph, yet everyday is worth the battle. I feel blessed to have the ability to give back to our local community. Introducing such a rewarding sport to our younger generations is something I’m passionate about since I believe it nurtures the mentality to deal with any adversity they may be facing.


Pedro Gutierrez

Born in Mexico, Raised in Northern California from the age of 5 Happily married for 16 years. Father of 3 wonderful boys: 15, 12, 2 years of age. BS in Electrical Engineering Technology Director of Project Management & Technology for one of the world leading material handling companies. Started and fell in love with the wonderful sport of golf in 2017 Owner of Alfa Golf Co. Est 2019 "Extending my passion that I bring to my family and my career to a sport that I have fell in love with that embodies self discipline and dedication, and invest time in order to succeed. All these characteristics are what drives Alfa Golf Team."

Manuel Garcia

I am a Financial Advisor for Principal Financial Group. I have been playing golf now for the past 5 years. I learned to play late in life. Growing up I did not have the means to purchase cheap $300 clubs plus equipment. Now having the financial stability and means to help, I would like to bring the game of golf to all underprivileged kids. Golf is a great teacher, you are not always going to get the best lie or hit the best shot. You have to make the best of every opportunity. Having a strong mental aspect is a must, one that will help children be successful in life.